Ene-phant series

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계측솔루션 사업부


Regenerative DC Power Supply
Ene-phant series
Regenerative DC Power Supply
The regenerative DC power supply Ene-phant series is a model that performs power running operation
as a power source and regenerative operation as an electronic load in one unit. Despite its large capacity
of 50kW, it is 600mm wide and 1900mm high, saving space. A total of 15 models have been standardized
by up to 5 parallel to 350V, 750V and 1500V voltage models.
This enables bidirectional operation with a maximum voltage of 1500V and a maximum current of ± 1500A.
It can be used for a wide range of applications from battery simulation, charge / discharge evaluation, motor
/ inverter research and development to shipping test.
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