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계측솔루션 사업부


Wireless Data Recording System
Wireless Dynamic Strain Test & Analysis System
· Samll and portable, directly installed in the measuring point, fixed with magnet base
· Standard 2.4G wireless WiFi communication technology, communication distance up to 200m (visual), optional wireless relay for longer wireless transimission distance
· Software settable full bridge, half bridge and three-wire quarter bridge configuration
· Built-in large capacity rechargeable lithium battery, over 7h of battery life
· Any measuring point can be set as the compensation point
· Highly real-time, real-time acquisition, real-time display, real-time storage, real-time analysis
· In addition to the measurement of stress and strain signals, the physical quantities such as acceleration, force,
· pressure, displacement, load and temperature can also be measured, and the signal of voltage can also be measured accurately
· WW-844D-S with AP mode and WW-844D-L with both AP mode and IP65 rating are available
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