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계측솔루션 사업부


Data Acquisition System
Ultra-dynamic Signal Test and Analysis System
· Compact modular design can be expanded for virtually any number of channels via Gigabit Ethernet
· Data directly streams to the computer's had disk at 32MB/s over Gigabit Ethernet controlled by an advanced on-chip system
· Dedicated DSP real-time signal processing system per channel
· Independent 16-bit SAR A/D converter per channel with transient sample rates of up to 20MHz and continuous sampling rate of
up to 1MHz.
· DMA for real-time, high speed, stable data transmission.
· Built-in bridge completion and Excitation
· Built-in 24V/4mA biasing circuit, support IEPE sensor.
· Built-in low-pass filter
· Suport EID and signal state indication
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