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계측솔루션 사업부


Rugged Recorder
Rugged Data Recorder
· The Data Recorder adopts modular design and consists of a control layer, an acquisition layer and a power layer
· Micro testing system, 16 channels, size: 55mm×62mm×82mm, weight: 350g
· Up to 500g impact resistance and -20°C~+60°C operation temperature
· Up to 4 modules (16 channels) are supported by a single system, including the module of IEPE, charge, strain, or custom combination
· USB communication, built-in 32GB high-speed storage, up to 128kHz/ch sampling rate
· UP to 6 recorders (96 channels) can be supported to sample in parallel and synchronously
· Independent 16-bit A/D converter per channel
· Support online and offline working modes, online or offline continuous or triggered acquisition, post-event data recovery
· Software-settable bridge modes such as full-bridge, half-bridge, and three-wire quarter bridge, easy to use
· Support intelligent wire identification and TEDS sensors
· Powered by built-in lithium battery pack power supply (optional) or external 10~36V DC power supply
· The sampling control and analysis software, which runs on Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 OS, has word document activity reporting
function and multiple view display modes such as recorder, x-y recorder, color waterfall chart, color cloud chart, instrument panel, bar chart, digital table, audio and video, 3D model chart, etc.
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