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계측솔루션 사업부


Wireless Data Recording System
Wireless Dynamic Strain Test & Analysis System
· Samll and portable, easy installation with use of strong magnet base
· The application of advanced shielding technology and goog grounding make the system has strong anti-interference ability, which is suitable for testing in engineering field
· ZigBee wireless communication, independent modular design, 8 channels per DAQ unit, 16 DAQ unit (128 channels)
· controlled by a single controller, 2 controllers (256 channels) connected to a single computer at the same time
· The maximum sampling rate up to 5Hz, resolution up to 1με
· Software settable full bridge, half bridge, quarter bridge (120 Ω, three-wire selfcompensation) and quarter bridge (120 Ω, two-wire public compensation)
· Built-in 8M buffer memory and Lithium battery
· The connection state between the DAQ unit and the channel can be observed conveniently by the control software, so as to facilitate on-site state inspection and troubleshooting
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